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Super Distillate 

  • Great for product formulations or cartridges!
  • Can be used in a cartridge with no carrier oil or dilution. 
  • A High CBD, High CBG, THC free Distillate!
Full-Spectrum & Nano Emulsified Water Soluble Powder
(23% CBD) (0.1% THC) (0.13% CBG) (0.13% CBN) (0.58% CBC)
  • Great for a beverage additive or water based product formulations.
The cannabinoids are broken down into nanometers and emulsified inside of a water soluble sunflower lecithin. This allows the molecules to be slipped into all areas of the body as a water instead of a fat soluble medicine. This increases the efficacy and bioavailability by up to 5x a normal CBD extract. 
Please contact me for kilo prices.
Shelley Stark, CEO 
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