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NEW! Our water soluble is eligible for Novel Food registration.

We are currently working on some great tasting formulas. These formulas will be eligible for a Novel Food application. 

Our Key Differentiators

  • CLEAR - THE water soluble ingredients are crystal clear. The high clarity makes more applications possible. Our molecules have been tested by a 3rd party and were found to be 32 nanometers.
  • Due to our molecular size being 32 nanometers, your customers will be able to "feel" the cannabinoids in 3 to 9 minutes.
  • We do not use sonification or high sheer mixing. Our molecule stays non-polar
  • and binds to the hydrogen in the water instead of the sides of the container.
  • The water solublis not an emulsion. We do not use surfactants. Our patent pending
  • technology does not use ultra sonification or high sheer mixing.
  • Whatever cannabinoid active ingredient you want to use - we are able to mix.
  • Great for a beverage additive or water based product formulations.
NOTE: The Novel Food Law requires a battery of compliance issues. I strongly urge you to contact me concerning your product. Many companies offer water soluble but please note that most nanofied products are not allowed under EU Novel Food registration. You could spend a lot of money on a product and a concept that is not allowed under EU law. Please contact me before you invest in product development that could end up being banned from sales. 

Shelley Stark, CEO 
Email: cbd.hub.international@gmail.com
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