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Who are we?

Novel Food Law

We specialize in organic GMP and FDA approved high quality cannabinoid extracts and cannabis product development with Novel Food registration.

My name is Shelley Stark, and I am a Novel Food consultant. I realized years ago that the wild west way of doing things was coming to an end. And though I originally come from the wild west, I welcome the change wholeheartedly.

Consumers want products they can trust and believe in. The early days of CBD has seen claims of potent levels of CBD in bottles that actually had no CBD to speak of. And then there was the gummy bears that had no CBD in them costing a fortune. And presently, even worse, gummy bears that have high levels of Delta 8, looking like candy to a child, not packaged for adults and easy accessible, leading to hospitalization. The industry needs oversight. It needs trustworthy producers and products. 

I hope you will agree with me. 

I also see the need for specialization. Have you been looking around for products and found companies that produced everything? Most of those companies are taking your order and white labeling your product with someone else. But who is "the someone else"? Because of all the middle men, you might never know who actually produced the product. 

We offer oils and creams for you - but I will give your order to a trusted vetted company and you will work with them. You do not pay me for this service. The company pays me for referring you. This means when you contact me - you get the best quality extracts, a Novel Food license, or a referral to a vetted firm. You will deal with this firm directly. 

So what do we specialize in?

Well, besides the best extracts! We specialize in making artisan quality jellies and bonbons!

I began making edibles when I was 16 years old and never lost the passion. I love cooking and where better to buy your edibles than from someone who has a passion for making them. Novel Food law has opened up the possibility to now offer edibles. Our jellies and bonbons are exceptional in flavor and design. So don't pass up this opportunity to add them to your venue with our bulk order possibilities. 

It's all in the catalogue! 

Once you have downloaded our catalogue you will also realize that I support the best products at the lowest prices. 

How do I do that? I have long term agreements, licenses that make my job easier, large volume, low margins, and an excellent reputation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards, 

Shelley Stark 

CEO, cbd-hub-international.com