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Who are we?

Novel Food Law

We specialize in high quality raw material extracts and cannabis product development.

cbd-hub-interantional.com and Eubio laboratory have teamed together offering high quality raw extracts, designer CBD oils, creams, and other products, as well as custom-made cannabis products.

We are putting the GMP in CBD

We gave up growing and instead focus on raw materials and products. We are also beginning to focus on Medical Cannabis and GMP pharmaceutical grade production of all raw materials. We believe this is the future of CBD.

The Future of CBD

Consumers and regulatory commissions are seeking further and more compliance efforts from CBD companies. Soon companies unable to meet the standards under cGMP will be required to withdraw their product from the market. Our product development follows the highest guidelines. 


We offer the highest quality and the lowest prices for kilo or liter quantities of:

  1. CBD isolate
  2. CBG isolate
  3. CBD distillate
  4. CBD hash
  5. CBD shatter
  6. CBD oil
  7. CBD cream
  8. CBD flowers