About Us

cbd-hub-international.com is Europe’s Nr. 1 supplier of CBD products

This is a family business and we are committed to quality. All plant production is grown on bio fields and is inspected by agricultural authorities in their given area. All growers are vetted and the fields tested for heavy metals and insecticides. All of our products are sourced from fields managed by our partnerships in the USA and Canada.

  • All products processed and accompanied by an accredited COA* by a cGMP* and GLP* laboratory.
  • We import quality products grown and processed in the USA and Canada.
  • No Chinese or Indian substitutes.
  • No products grown on polluted soil for the purpose of cleaning the soil of contaminants.
  • Naturally, our isolate is extracted via the Co2 method and of medical grade production. 
  • We believe in honest, safe, & reliable business practices and this policy has grown our business. 

*COA - Certificate of Analysis
*cGMP - current Good Manufacturing Practices
*GLP - Good Laboratory Practices

We do not supply products made from plants grown on radiated and polluted soils for the purpose of cleaning the soil and then selling the resulting products on to you and your customers. Nor do we import from any other sources (i.e. India, China). We offer only certified products that are 100% medical grade production.

We provide large orders of CBD and CBD isolate, distillate, and Full Spectrum Powder for wholesale. We facilitate your seamless solution for quality medical grade CBD and CBG to meet your production needs. Our raw materials sector is growing so please sign up for our emails and newsletter to stay informed. 


  • Competitive pricing
  • Agreement preparation & signing
  • Safe & secure transactions
  • Legal documentation
  • 3rd party lab test results for potency and quality
  • Verified CBD and CBG sources from reputable suppliers
  • Serving the EU with CBD and CBG products from unpolluted soil

We also offer CBD Buds/Flowers/Blüten

We grow ourselves and work with a consortium of growers so that we always have fresh stock and the largest selection of CBD Buds/Flowers/Blüten at the lowest prices.  

  • We make it easy to purchase!
  • Samples available – just order online.
  • Transparent – Safe – Reliable – Honest!

Are you are a grower or know a grower and would like to join us – please do! We have a large database of customers for your product. Spend more of your precious time doing what you like. Let us get you the price you want for your grow.