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Falling Film Evaporator

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Falling Film Evaporator

NOW greatly increase ethanol extraction throughput, by reducing solvent recovery time by 80% compared to traditional rotary evaporation methods. This New “Still in Crate” American Made Falling Film Evaporator by leading manufacturer Delta Separations of 45 gallons per hour of throughput, the same as six 50-liter rotary evaporators.

Package Includes:
· One (1) Delta Separation Falling Film Evaporator FFE 45 (Throughput 45 gal. per hour, like six 50-liter rotovaps)
· Six (6) Delta Separations 15-Gallon Stainless Steel Kegs for solvent storage.
· One (1) Polyscience Water Chiller (ancillary for FFE 45)
· One (1) Mokon Water Temperature Control (ancillary for FFE 45)
· One (1) MTA Air Cooled Chiller (ancillary for FFE 45)

The liquidation price of the equipment is USD75,000 which is 50% Off the invoiced price of the equipment, or a $75k discount.