How to Buy Wholesale Products

How to Buy Our Wholesale Products


This is a simple guide so you feel safe and in control of your purchase. 

This is how it works:

Step 1)

Read this document and fill out a Purchase Order Form. Email the Purchase Order Form back to us at:


Step 2)

If your intent is to buy between 1 - 100 kg and/or on regular basis at a agreed upon price, then we will create a Purchasing Contract for you based on your intentions. The purpose of this contract is to set out clear expectations for all parties and keeps each level of the process safe and protected all along the way.

Understand this: Your product is being made – it is not sitting on a shelf.

Products are typically sold before they are produced! Why? Because, Isolate has a shelf life and the quality drops significantly if it sits in storage too long.

We will keep all details about your order private and between you and us.


Step 3)

The buyer must place a 60% deposit by _________________________ (date when you will place the deposit). As a rule, the buyer can expect to receive the order no longer than 10 days to 2 weeks after the deposit is placed.

Customarily, I experience 4 days for funds to transfer including your banking situation, plus 4 days for delivery, and 2 days with customs. Any delay of more than 10 working days is the result of delays on the part of Zoll/Customs testing before release. All efforts will be taken to not experience any delays.


Step 4)

The buyer will be notified of the exact shipment date. The buyer must deposit the remaining payment in full before receiving the shipment on the delivery day agreed upon. The buyer completely understands that the remaining payment must be paid upon pickup/shipment.


Step 5)

The order will be accompanied by a COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) lab analysis stating purity of content. No product will have a trace of residual solvents, heavy metals or molds.


The target price for this trade is ______ per kilogram. Quality must be assured by accompanying test result.

Thank you for your business,


Buyer, Name (printed) and Date


Buyer Signature