Do you want to buy a kilo of Shatter or Full Spectrum Powder or some other product but you cannot afford the kilo price?

There are many small business owners that feel the same as you do. If you are interested in a kilo product, please write me and tell me the quantity.

I will match your request with other requests. I will broker your purchase order on behalf of your partnership. I will charge a 10% fee over the kilo price for this service.

The process will be transparent from start to finish. 

At present: there are parties interested in Shatter and Full Spectrum Powder. If buying in at the lowest wholesale price and benefiting on the retail margin is interesting to you - Please feel free to call me.

It is my job is to help customers buy our products.

Kind regards,

Mag. Shelley Stark
Office: +43 (0)660 200 1914
Personal: +43 (0)676 56 191 75