Novel Food Law

The pressure is on the EU to rethink the Novel Food Law and in my opinion, while European hemp stakeholders believe themselves to the probable catalyst, I am putting my money on the Big Players and their lobbyists cashing in at our expense.

The goal of the lobbyists is to keep the EU sleeping with a Novel Food Law that was willingly, naively, or just simply bought with an envelope of cash to keep small business out of the market until the Big Players like Coca-Cola for instance, are readied to take the market by storm.

Already Coca-Cola’s has hedged its bet when it contacted the Canadian firm Aurora Cannabis increasing stock prices by 300% and sending Tilray’s stock into the stratosphere as well. When Coca-Cola comes out with its CBD wellness drink, do you really think the EU will say no? The Novel Law will be lifted with the speed of a cash counting machine.

The European Union is plagued with stagnant growth and unemployment while in the US and Canada billions in wealth has been created over the last 3 years. There is no coincidence that the EU put the breaks on CBD and hemp business, because Brussels makes it so easy: influence one or two law makers in Brussels and you can control almost all the legal environment in all EU countries.

This is not the case in the USA where states made their own legal minds up regarding cannabis and told the federal government to take a rolling dive at a donut. The federal thought they ruled the roost but the chickens out foxed them. If federal law didn’t catch up – well it lost the revenue as states cashed in. Canada reacted to cannabis with such a well-organized federal rollout that their stock markets are still today the envy of all. The US is scrambling to catch the stock market wave, but without the federal law on its side, it has had to turn to Canadian markets to raise capital.

But here in the EU, a very recent language change to the Novel Food Catalogue claimed: “extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids, including Cannabidiol (CBD), are considered novel foods as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated” prior to May 1997. In actuality, “23 companies from across Europe reported a total of more than 255 tons of hemp-based foods as having been produced before 1997”.

But that is not what irks. What is so irksome is how big business is working on drinks and other food products and how the EU is held in suspended animation. It is the economic stagnation in a thriving market everywhere else that seems so out of touch with reality. And if payoffs, are in fact, the root of that reality, it might be grounds for rethinking Brussel’s hold on power. We want a free market in the EU. Not a free ride for big business at our expense.

Written by Shelley Stark

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