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GMP CBD Isolate with Novel Food application

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Why is Novel Food Law important?

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The Novel Food Law is expected to radically change the cannabis industry

In answer to these changes we joined the EIHA and can offer a Novel Food sub license.

When you purchase our organic GMP CBD extracts, we can authorize a Novel Food license so your products are compliant.

Novel Food law impacts everything you put into your mouth and that includes oils and tinctures. No longer a grey market, the Novel food law has also opened up a whole new market in CBD edibles.

We are market leaders in CBD edibles. Order a sample box and see why!

Please send me a sample box of jellies and bonbons!

Create your own brand - you can order jellies and bonbons by the kilo or pre-packaged. Please see the catalogue for a listing of new products.


Contact us to get current information on how the Novel Food Law will impact your product.

If you need samples of any of our products, please email us at: gmp@cbd-hub-international.com

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If you are interested in medical cannabis, please contact us at: gmp@cbd-hub-international.com

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