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The Novel Food Law is expected to radically change the cannabis industry. In answer to these changes we have new and inventive measures. We look forward to helping you meet these new challenges.

We are experts in quality raw extracts, designer CBD oils, CBD creams, pet CBD oils, CBD for horses, as well as other custom-made cannabis products.

Create your own brand with white label. You can order these products by the liter, kilo, or pre-packaged.  


Some samples are available in the Sample/Retail section, but not all of them yet at this time.

If you need samples of any of our products, please email us at: gmp@cbd-hub-international.com

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Our news:

We will soon offer medical cannabis, Delta 8 and 9 THC Distillate. If interested in any of these products, please send us an email at: gmp@cbd.hub.international.com