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About Us

The Novel Food Law requires all products to be registered on the European Union List. Any product, including CBD oils not registered on the EU Union List will not be allowed on the market. Contact us for further information.

cbd-hub-interantional.com offers exclusive GMP high quality raw extracts, designer GMP CBD & CBG oils, creams, and cannabis product development.

We put the GMP in CBD

White label products offer the opportunity to brand your store and make larger profit margins. We offer the option to create products with our new line of GMP products.

Many products will require Novel Food Law certification and GMP certified ingredients to be compliant with the Novel Food Law.

Now it is easy to white label your brand. We offer MQO as well large order fulfillment in our GMP facility.

We also offer Novel Food Law consulting as we guide your product throughout the lengthy process towards certification. Receiving Novel Food Law certifications will enable you to sell your product unhindered through a variety of marketing channels and countries throughout the EU.

Shelley Stark is a Novel Food Law specialist. Together we are looking forward to helping create, certify, and launch your product safely, securely, and successfully.

Please download our catalogue and if you have any questions, then send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to being a part of your success!

We will be attending the White Label World Expo in Frankfurt when health authorities allow. 

Please join us there and don’t forget to attend our presentation of the Novel Food Law and the Future of CBD and other cannabinoids. 

Yours truly,

Shelley Stark