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About Us

We expect our CBD isolate application for Novel Food authorization to be validated during the course of 2024.

We expect our CBD Full Spectrum Distillate with 0.2% THC application for Novel Food authorization to be validated during the course of 2025.

Imagine creating legal products that contain THC for human consumption. It is a mouth watering prospect. 

The Novel Food sub licensing program is offered to my customers for a fractional cost. 

Our CBD isolate is guaranteed for food use. Our CBD Full Spectrum with 0.2% THC is customized for Novel Food licensing.  


We are making products available that comply with the Novel Food authorization requirements for white label. 

It was clear from the beginning that labeling CBD oils and tinctures "Mouth Hygiene" or "Not for human consumption" or licensed under cosmetics is a legally untenable situation. 

For this reason, we invested in a Novel Food application for CBD isolate and CBD Full Spectrum with 0.2% THC for consumption use in foods. This has required an investment of 4.5 million euros.

cbd-hub-interantional.com offers exclusive GMP high quality extracts and cannabis product development.

We put the GMP in CBD - But that is NOT enough! 

You need a Novel Food license to legally market products in the EU and UK.

 We offer small and large quantity orders for white label. Now it is easy to white label your brand. 

Getting a Novel Food license for your product is cost effective and easy.

But, please do not wait too long, because the cost will significantly jump when CBD isolate is validated in 2024.

Law certifications will enable you to sell your product unhindered through a variety of marketing channels and countries throughout the EU.

We are looking forward to helping create, certify, and launch your product safely, securely, and successfully.

Yours truly,

Shelley Stark 

CEO, cbd-hub-international.com