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High Throughput Ethanol Extraction System NOW 70% Off

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“Like New” High Throughput Ethanol Extraction System 
NOW 70% Off
Big Price Drop!
Was discounted 60%
Now 70% discount!!!!

This is an opportunity to get a “Like New” Industrial Size Ethanol Extraction System with 70% original price.

This American manufactured Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System is capable of processing up to 4,000 lbs. of biomass per 24 hours. Installation and Training can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

The equipment was just for about a year twelve hours per week. It is in excellent condition.

Package Includes:
• One (1) Pinnacle AES (Alcohol Extraction Skids): Throughput up to 4,000 pounds of biomass per 24 hours.
• One (1) Pinnacle SRS (Solvent Recovery Skid): Throughput up to 100 liters per hour.
• One (1) American Made Centrifuge.

Now with the Price Drop, the liquidation price is 70% off or USD137,700. This new price represents a $321K Discount off of what the seller paid for it. 

You’re never going to find this much processing capacity at this price! Never!