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GMP CBD Isolate Novel Food Authorization Applied

GMP CBD Isolate Novel Food Authorization Applied

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We offer wholesale GMP CBD IsolateHigh quality extracts - Novel Food License with purchase.

Cannabinoid-containing extracts are regarded as novel foods in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/2283. Only novel foods that have been approved and included in the European Union list may be placed on the market. We are full partners in the EIHA Novel Food consortium and have an accepted application to EU Commission to be registered on the EU Union listOnly products with Novel Food registration will be allowed to remain legally on the EU and UK market. 

When you buy isolate from us, I am authorized to sub license your product. We regret that most EU states will not authorize CBD isolate in foods until the testing and reporting is finished and the EU Commission has placed isolate on the EU Novel Food list. 

Upon completion of the studies, each company or product will need to prove with their own documentation that their product is under the umbrella of the EFSA testing. 

Our GMP CBD is 99.83% - 100% pure. You can buy a sample on this site. This is B2B purchase and requires a VAT number- Email purchase order for invoice. Please download the catalog to see all our products.